Andhra Pradesh to reopen schools from July 13 but not for students

Andhra Pradesh to reopen schools from July 13 but not for students

The Andhra Pradesh government has decided to reopen schools with restrictions and Covid-19 protocols in place from July 13. However, students won’t be attending yet and the directives are only for the teachers and staff.

All the headmasters and teachers of Primary, Upper Primary and High Schools have to complete the of the UDISE+ data and updating all the Registers on or before July 10.

While primary schools will be conducted once in a week, upper primary and higher schools will be open twice in a week in the state from July 13 so that the teachers and headmasters can complete their work from school itself.

Till normalcy is restored, students will be studying the bridge courses that have been introduced.
All the headmasters and teaching and non-teaching staff working in those schools where Nadu Nedu works have to continue attending schools, said a notice from the education department issued on Sunday.

The headmasters have to allocated Nedu Nedu-related work to teachers who need to complete it by July 31.

The notice says that teachers in containment zones, those suffering from chronic diseases or are visually or physically handicapped may be exempted from this order.

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