At Delhi University, toughest to get into: Pol Science, B.Com (Hons)

At Delhi University, toughest to get into: Pol Science, B.Com (Hons)

Across the record high cut-off percentages of Delhi University colleges, the two subjects with the highest cut-offs across colleges are BA (Honours) Political Science and B.Com (Honours). Last year, Hindu College had the highest cut-off with 99 per cent for political science. This year, Lady Shri Ram College set a 100 per cent cut-off for this programme. Six colleges have set cut-offs of 99 per cent and above for the programme.

Not just in these prominent colleges, cut-offs for the programme are consistently high across colleges and has seen a big jump from their cut-offs for the programme last year. For instance, in Ramanujan College, the cut-off for political science had been 89 per cent last year. This year, it has increased to 95 per cent. At Dyal Singh College, the cut-off for the course is 96 per cent. Last year, it was 93 per cent.

Miranda House is one of the colleges in which the programme’s cut-off reached 99 per cent. Principal Bijayalaxmi Nanda said the college had to prepare its list considering the high number of DU applicants with over 99 per cent.

“We had gone through data on applicants provided to us by DU very carefully. Of these, around 830 had 100 per cent scores and a total of around 1,400 applicants were in the bracket of 99-100 per cent. This data was not segregated by gender so we didn’t know how many would be women which is relevant to us since we’re a women’s college. While analysing the data, we also didn’t know which programme the applicants will opt for but since political science has been the top draw recently and is only growing in popularity, we felt that we had to start at 99%,” said principal Nanda.

A similar explanation had been given by a teacher at Shri Ram College of Commerce with regard to B.Com (Honours), for which the college had set a cut-off of 99.5 per cent. This is the first time in recent years that the premiere institute has had a higher cut-off for B.Com. (Honours) than for B.A. (Honours) Economics. The Economics cut-off for the college is 99 per cent.

“According to data given to us by DU, there are 618 applicants for the B.Com. (Honours) programme who have 100 per cent marks. Just imagine how many applicants will fall in the 97 per cent and above bracket in that case. This will naturally result in a spike in percentage,” said the teacher.

Five colleges have cut-offs of 99 per cent or higher in B.Com (Honours) and it has the highest cut-off in several colleges – including 98.5 per cent at Dyal Singh College, 98 per cent in Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma College, Kalindi College, Keshav Mahavidyalaya, Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, and Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies.

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