Cancel final year exams: Former chairperson, educators write to UGC

Cancel final year exams: Former chairperson, educators write to UGC

Former University Grants Commission (UGC) Chairperson Sukhdeo Thorat, along with 27 teachers from various universities in the country, has written to the current UGC Chairman asking him to cancel the decision to hold exams for final semester/year students and instead evaluate them on past performance.

The letter sent Thursday is signed by Thorat along with professors from Delhi University, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), University of Hyderabad, University of Mumbai and Tata Institute of Social Sciences, among others.

“The UGC’s latest advisory on examinations is unfortunate because it takes us backwards rather than forward. It effectively extends the period for holding of exams (for final year/semester cohorts) until September, the second such postponement. And it creates fresh uncertainty for states that had already decided to cancel exams,” the letter addressed to UGC Chairman D P Singh reads.
“The recommendation to cancel exams was prompted by an unprecedented health emergency, not by doubts about the value of examinations. When faced with such an emergency, cancelling exams has two main advantages: First, it avoids the extended uncertainty created by repeated (but unavoidable) postponements. Second, it protects the integrity of the examination by refusing to abandon its two most basic features – impartiality, or equal treatment of all examinees; and close supervision to prevent cheating,” it further says

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