CEPT varsity awarded E-LEAD certificate for online teaching

CEPT varsity awarded E-LEAD certificate for online teaching

The CEPT University has been certified as an E-Learning Excellence for Academic Digitisation (E-LEAD) institution by QS I·GAUGE- the Indian wing of QS Ranking for E-LEAD.

The certificate is awarded after evaluating the institution’s student-faculty online engagement, LMS (Learning Management System), IT support facilities, and best practices for e-learning. For this certification, the methodology, data collection and validation, audit process, quality check and delivery mechanism of QS is thoroughly reviewed by domain experts. QS launched E-LEAD on May 14.

“Transitioning to online learning was initially thought to be challenging for a university focused primarily on architecture, design and urban planning. Most of our courses require access to workshops and laboratories or visits to the site location. We are glad that through our collective efforts, the university has successfully met the challenges of online learning while keeping to its original timelines,” said Tridip Suhrud, Provost, CEPT University.

“This recognition is a testament to the excellent efforts put in by our students in continuing the journey of learning through this difficult time.Our faculty members and teaching assistants have gone above and beyond in helping students. They have come up with innovative ways of enriching the e-learning experience for students. The Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) and the IT office have played an important role in enabling and facilitating the online mode of learning,” he added.

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