Delhi: Basic maths boosted Class X results at govt schools, analysis confirms

Delhi: Basic maths boosted Class X results at govt schools, analysis confirms

An analysis of the performance of Delhi government schools shows that an increase of almost 15 percentage points in the number of children passing mathematics is almost single-handedly responsible for the remarkable jump in the class X board exam pass percentage of these schools. Class X pass percentages have been a persistent problem for Delhi government schools but this year, they improved from last year’s 71.58% by over 10 percentage points to 82.61%. When the results were announced, The Indian Express had reported that this jump was most likely powered by CBSE’s new basic mathematics option, which had been opted for by a majority of students from these schools.

The government’s education department has now released a detailed analysis of its results, which corroborates this.

Last year, of the 1,66,129 students who had appeared in the maths paper, 1,22,404 or 73.68% had passed. This year, most students had opted for the new basic maths option – 1,11,298 had opted for it while 42,612 students had opted for standard maths.

Most of the students who had opted for standard mathematics – children who are comfortable with the subject – passed in it at 96.49%. Children who are not comfortable with the subject and do not want to take it up at the senior secondary level opted for basic maths and 85.28% passed.

Government Boys Senior Secondary School No 3, Sector IV Ambedkar Nagar was one of the schools flagged as ‘low performing’ after 51 out of 105 boys had passed in maths last year. This year, only 13 boys from the school opted for standard maths and they all passed the subject. 102 boys opted for basic maths and 100 passed.

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