Delhi: New session but schools will remain shut for students up to Class VIII

Delhi: New session but schools will remain shut for students up to Class VIII

For students up to class VIII in Delhi government schools, the new academic session will begin next month without a return to school. Like last year, the new session will continue with the system of online and offline worksheets.

Schools in Delhi had opened earlier this month for students from classes IX to XII. While preparations for board examinations are in full swing, the Directorate of Education (DoE) is carrying out offline final examinations for class IX and XI students in Delhi government schools, as are most private schools.

The DoE issued a circular Tuesday which stated that “in the new academic session 2021-22, the DoE has decided to resume the same alternate learning approach i.e. online/offline worksheets w.e.f. April 1, 2021 for the students of classes KG to V.”

A senior government official confirmed that the same will be followed for students of classes VI to VIII. All students up to class VIII have been automatically passed to the next grade after a year of remote learning.

“We have decided to technically begin this session for the younger children with their worksheets. There is no plan for them to physically return to school as of now, and they will do so when the government takes that call. The school’s premises are being used by older children who are preparing for and writing these exams. Since the younger children are done with all the activities of 2020-21 year and have been automatically promoted, there is no reason to postpone the start of their next academic year,” the official said.

The timeline of exams and declaration of results has tentatively placed the start of the next academic session for students of class X to XII in government, government-aided and New Delhi Municipal Council schools on July 1, much later than the usual beginning in April.

According to the timeline, the final exams for class IX and XI students in Delhi government schools will start on May 3. The DoE has also advised private schools to follow this schedule for classes IX and XI if they have not yet conducted their final exams.

The worksheets for students up to class VIII are sent to them on their class WhatsApp groups along with explanatory videos, voice notes and messages. Students are supposed to write answers to the worksheets, take photos of those, and WhatsApp them to their teachers. Students who do not have access to smartphones receive all the worksheets for the week in printed form in their schools, which they have to complete and submit physically to their teachers after a week.

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