IIM Udaipur organises virtual annual fest with industry leaders

IIM Udaipur organises virtual annual fest with industry leaders

The sixth edition of Solaris, the annual management fest of IIM Udaipur culminated on January 10, 2021, after a two-day long management extravaganza. The fest was organized by the students of IIMU, and the theme for Solaris ’20-21 was ‘Transcending Ideologies.’

IIM Udaipur Solaris 20-21: About the fest
The fest included events and competitions for the students across B-Schools, namely, Vaad-Vivad, Mind-Wizz, Ops-Samasya, Auctionnaire, MarcWars Saudagar, Vitt-Sangram, Ingenium, and Arohan.

These interactive and highly engaging events helped the students pitch themselves against each other in simulations of real-life situations, making them think on their feet and also out of the box.

Other notable events of the fest include Antardrishti- the Economics Summit, in which the guests spoke about the rising inequality due to the pandemic and the role of government in this to ensure well-rounded growth.

This was followed by Unmesh, The Operations Summit, in which the industrial dignitaries discussed the importance of AI and ML and India’s scope of becoming a supply chain hub.

The next summit was Anveshan, where the speakers discussed their views on how AI and large-scale data analytics can help in transforming the healthcare industry.

IIM Udaipur Solaris 20-21: Director’s statement
In his opening note, Prof. Janat Shah, Director, IIM Udaipur said, “Solaris is an important way to connect with the best. These industry leaders engage us for two days and share what keeps them awake. Solaris symbolises what IIM Udaipur is all about.”

Flagging off the fest, Chief Guest Himmat Singh Barhath, Deputy Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Udaipur, said, “No business has been safe from the pandemic, speaker at Solaris ’20-21 will guide how students steer themselves in the future and become industry leaders.”

IIM Udaipur Solaris 2021: Participatory brands
Multiple prominent brands provided their support to Solaris ’20-21 including:

FiveS Digital (Associate Sponsor)
TiE Udaipur (networking partner)
Gati (delivery partner)
Advaiya (consulting summit partner)
Union Bank of India (banking partner)
Chaudhary offset (Printing Partner)
PETA Youth (Social Cause Partner)
Clever Harvey (21st Century Skills Partner)
Radio City (Radio Partner).

About IIM Udaipur Solaris
Solaris was initiated by IIM Udaipur to help the students interact with the industry leaders and gain keen insight from their knowledge and experience. Indian Institute of Management Udaipur, via Solaris, aims to groom the students into future leaders.

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