IIT-Bhubaneswar to hold online exams for final year students

IIT-Bhubaneswar to hold online exams for final year students

While several IITs have decided against final year exams and have moved to internal assessment or are devising a new grading system, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bhubaneswar will hold an online exam for the final year students. In a recent notice, the IIT has said that online mode has been finalised to ensure “timely graduation”.

“The decision in favour of holding the examination was taken by the Senate to uphold the rules of the institute and to graduate the students without compromising on the standards of evaluation,” the IIT said.

To ensure that all students are able to take exams, the IIT has released two exam schedules. The first set of exams will be held from June 24 and the other will be held by July-end or the first week of August. Students will have to choose only one of the two schedules.

While students across the country are protesting against online exams, the IIT claims that for those who do not have the facilities to appear for the online exams from home, the delayed schedule will enable them time to arrange facilities at home or avail from nearby facilities.

The institute is also arranging a mock test for the familiarisation of the students. In case if the pandemic situation due to Covid-19 improves, a student may also have the option to come to the IIT campus and take the second examination, as per the IIT.

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