IIT Hyderabad and NIMS Japan jointly launch research centre for materials research

IIT Hyderabad and NIMS Japan jointly launch research centre for materials research

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Hyderabad, and the National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS), Japan today launched Joint Research Centre. The two institutes had signed an agreement last year on an international collaborative graduate school programme which allows graduate students enrolled in doctoral programs to stay at NIMS for up to one year for their thesis research works.

To further develop the joint research with complementary strengths in the materials science field, young faculty members of IITH stay at NIMS with their PhD course students during the sabbatical leave period and conduct sustainable collaboration with NIMS scientists. To perform the sustainable joint research between both institutions, the research centre has been launched.

The opening of this joint research centre will further strengthen these ties and support the future leaders of both countries to achieve the best research results in the field of materials science.

In the first year, two projects were selected that are expected to contribute to the industrial fields (digital information and communication and low-carbon society-related fields) that have strong potential for growth in India. In the future, the joint research centre will contribute to the strengthening of the Japan-India materials technology network.

Currently, scientists from both organisations are preparing for research collaboration after the COVID-19 pandemic by online scientific information exchange and provision of samples.


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