Jamia Millia Islamia starts online course in human rights and social inclusion

Jamia Millia Islamia starts online course in human rights and social inclusion

The Department of Political Science and UGC-HRDC at Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) have jointly started a two-week online refresher course on human rights and social inclusion which will continue till September 19. Bulbul Dhar James, Department of Political Science, JMI is the coordinator of the course.

During the two-week course, a number of issues related to human rights will be discussed in various sessions including conceptual framework of human rights and social justice, new social movements, discourse on rights in India, debates and dilemmas, Dalit assertion and social inclusion, citizenship and human rights, deconstructing gender, masculinity, women, violence and human rights, social inclusion of LGBTQI, tribal rights, child rights and New Education Policy, contemporary debates around sex workers among many mothers.

A special session on Mahatma Gandhi and a special address on refugees and migrants by Prof Georgia Dona of the University of East London, Dockland Campus will also be organised during the course.

Expert speakers from various foreign universities, NHRC, DU, JNU, JMI, Osmania University, Human Rights Organisations, NGOs, Police and Legal fields will deliver lectures during these sessions. In the last three days of the course, various groups comprising of participants will do their presentation on different topics.

Najma Akhtar, Vice-Chancellor said, “I hope that this course has been designed in such a way that this would be profoundly beneficial for all of you not only for enhancing your theoretical understanding but also sensitising you. After attending this course, you will be well equipped to impart the same to your students who would be educated to work for bringing social justice and equality in our society”.


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