Apeejay School

Our Vision is to equip all our children with the invincible mantra of Shakti Drishti and Prajyan, the three powerful virtues of a truly educated individual.

Shakti is Strength. Strength is the engine that carves the path and promises to carry the young learners to their destination. Shakti is energy that is the cause of all the manifestations that make our world. According to Indian philosophy and modern science energy is the foundation of all creations perceptible and imperceptible. We want our children to possess and harness that energy. They should be genuinely connected with the source of Shakti and eventually dwell in Shakti to deliver their best in their respective fields.

Drishti is Vision. Vision is the capacity to see the visible and the invisible truth and vision is also an ability to imagine the future as you want it to be. Vision shows the present and proposes the future. It guides a learner to design the path through which Shakti would tread. Right Drishti will enable our children to be confident of what they are and put efforts to be what they could be.

Prajyan is Wisdom. Wisdom gives a child a self-expansive fulfilment, a deep insight into the truths of the world. Prajyan makes one realise the immortality of being. Our children learn to be fearless and strive to achieve immortality through their creations, work and ideas. Prajyan is the compass that shall never deport them to a wrong destination.


  • CBSE


BG-­180 ­, Sector II, Kolkata