We are in a world of transition. The changes continue to petrify us – nuclear families, dysfunctional families, lack of collective values and moralities…the list is endless! We are in a constant dilemma of what is right and what is not, when it comes to raising children. Will my child be an emotionally healthy human being?

As parents of growing children, these are some of the questions that plague our minds. As educated parents, we realize that high academics and emotional well being are not necessarily correlated. While we have umpteen schools that focus on the academics, the role of emotional development in a child is ignored or under-played. We feel an ideal set up for children is one that focuses on academics, cognitive, physical and emotional development. What we look for is a Holistic Approach and since we didn’t find such models, we decided to create one – our creation is GURUKULAM!


  • Day Care
  • LKG
  • UKG


Koramangala 6th Block, Bangalore