Institute of Business Management & Technology

The Institute of Business Management and Technology is a new age innovation-mediated institution. Rapid and extensive penetration of technology has transformed the learning, teaching and business environment. The challenge of education in the new business environment is to develop new cognitive skills to manage complex organisations. Continuously we have been engaged in revamping our perspectives on education process for the new digital age. Now our understanding of the new INTEGRATED ENTERPRISE and the business environment rests on – Imagination, Ideation, Innovation, Integration and Creativity. This forms the basis of our new education model called I 4 – C. (I FORESEE) an essential ingredient of sustainable enterprise. IBMT is focused on the new economy. Knowledge, innovation and information processing are the key elements of new global competitive structure. IBMT believes that the integration of global systems is now creating an intelligent space where empowered individuals will be required to work as intellipreneurs to generate wealth in the society.


  • MBA


Ring Road, 4th Phase, Bangalore