Kamla Raja Girls Government Post Graduate College

Founded in 1937, Kamla Raja Girls Govt. Post – Graduate College, Gwalior, is a pioneer and premier institution for women in higher education in this part of the country. It was elevated to the postgraduate level in 1970 and autonomous status was conferred on it in 1995. Standing with majestic grace in the heart of the city, the college is housed in one of the palaces of the erstwhile Scindia dynasty. It has an impressive historic main building alternated by lush green lawns, tall trees and blocks of various faculties constructed lately. It is a unique collage of old and new architecture as well as picturesque natural beauty spread over a vast campus of 53714.60 sq. m.


  • B.A.L.L.B
  • B.Com
  • M.Com


Kamla Raja Girls PG College, Gwalior Districts - Gwalior