Prakriti A Waldorf Kindergarten

Prakriti is a Waldorf Kindergarten adhering to the Steiner philosophy. The kindergarten is an extension of the home providing children a secure and homely atmosphere.

The School aims at giving the children ample scope for doing what they are best at: being children. There is no sign of a blackboard or books but yet, they learn a great deal simply by doing, by imitating what is being done around them. The faculty of imitation is strongest at this age, and the children learn by using their senses, their limbs and their power of observation.

The teacher displays reverence to the child, kindles the love for learning within the child by doing away with competition and creating an internal motivation to learn.

Formal learning is developed through Domestic arts, Nurturing Arts, social arts and creative Arts.

School readiness is the ultimate goal.


  • Day Care
  • LKG
  • UKG


Indiranagar 2nd Stage, Bangalore