R. N. Podar School

R.N. Podar School has been recognized as a leading school among technology-driven schools of the country and has been pioneering many innovative ways of integrating technology into the classroom.

Our team is passionate about children and education. The school has been on a mission to learn, advocate, and train school teachers through a cross silo network of educators, entrepreneurs, technology experts, and policy-makers who believe in the power of technology and learner-centric innovation in achieving our goals in education. The school’s vision is to share its best practices in teaching 21st century skills and be a voice of encouragement to other practitioners. Our vision is to reach a larger audience of students, teachers, school leaders and parents and bridge the education divide using the power of technology.

In the next 3 to 5 years we want to see the school as an innovation hub where new ways of integrating edutech are incubated and shared.


  • CBSE


Santacruz West, Mumbai