Second Tongue Language Institute

The second Tongue is the coolest place to learn a foreign language. At Second Tongue, you can rest assured of the results, as the culture in the class is such that you will learn through experiences and conversations. Learning a foreign language is made easy at Second Tongue through fun activities, role plays, youtube videos and many other creative out of the box methods of training. The teaching methodology at Second Tongue is really unique and the teachers don’t stick to only chalk and board approach but they try and innovate with the use of technology and creative thinking.

We give free consultancy to help you pick a language that suits your career plan.

The second Tongue is also into interpretation and translation services for small and large organizations.


  • French
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish


B-22, 1st Floor, Satyam Shopping Center, Near Somaiya College, Ghatkopar (E) Mumbai - 400077