St. Xaviers High School

St. Xavier’s High School began its eventful career in Bombay (now Mumbai) in the second half after 19th century, an era of momentous change and development for the port city of Bombay – the Gateway of India in the East.

Bombay became a still busier harbor with the opening of the Suez Canal (1869) which greatly shortened the long maritime route via Cape of Good Hope.

Early in the 19th century, land reclamation on the western side of the emerging city facilitated frantic building activity, for Bombay was developing into a veritable trade centre for cotton and for the products of its vast hinter land. The telegraph line began to be laid, so too the railway and the government was initiating the implementation of the proposal contained in Lord Macaulay’s famous “ Minute” of 1835; to introduce English as the official language and the medium of instruction for secondary and tertiary education. Alongside governments’ attempts of providing schools came those made by private citizens. The emphasis was on education imparted through the English-language medium.


  • State Board


Lokmanya Tilak Marg,Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Area, Fort, Mumbai