Majority want national pride to be inculcated during schooling

Majority want national pride to be inculcated during schooling

“Students with national pride make better future citizens” claim 89.74 per cent people in the recently conducted survey by education technology company FairGaze. Over 45 per cent agreed that school students lack national pride while only 28 per cent disagreed with this notion. Yet, over 88 per cent of those polled agreed that national pride should be inculcated during the schooling years, as reported by the survey.

Nearly half (46 per cent) opined that schools lack activities that promote national pride. During a discussion held earlier, Major General Prasad, an advisor to FairGaze, stated that students in India are focused, sensitive towards society and have love for the nation. Sharing his experience in the National Cadet Corp, he explained to the panel that inculcating national pride should involve adventure training, as it helps build physical strength and increase awareness about heritage and culture. “All of these instill a sense of belonging and social responsibility to encourage contribution to others,” he was quoted as saying.

Dr Stanzin Dawa, principal of Lamdon Model Senior Secondary School, Ladakh highlighted that national pride needs to be associated with more than just defence establishments and should involve people from all walks of life, including teachers, doctors, farmers, etc, to build a strong and resilient country. He suggested that parents set an example for the children to emulate and should help them understand societal inequalities.

A vast majority of 94 per cent – opined that schools students can play an important role in nation building.

Earlier this year, CBSE had come under the scanner when it had scrapped certain chapters including on citizenship, nationalism, secularism and sub-sections including ‘Why do we need Local Governments?’ and ‘Growth of Local Government in India’. It was done in a bid to lower the syllabus for the upcoming batch as one time move, the board later clarified. Last year, Delhi government had announced to launch a ‘Deshbhakti’ (patriotism) curriculum for school students.

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