National Mathematics Day: Top 5 skills that mathematics teaches students

National Mathematics Day: Top 5 skills that mathematics teaches students

Perhaps humanity’s greatest feat, Mathematics is the interface to interact with our physical environment every day. It is much more than a discipline as it decodes nature’s complex laws in a way that can be easily understood by a human.

The proliferation of technology such as the Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, the growth of the IT/ITes sector and the quantitative boom has expanded the scope of mathematics in the past few decades.

Besides being a gateway to several career options such as engineering, actuarial science, among others, mathematics is useful in solving day to day problems such as calculating the total bill for groceries, estimating the size of cloth and much more. Irrespective of the career choice, one must have basic maths skills.

Today, on the birthday of mathematical genius Srinivasa Ramanujan, revered throughout our country as the National Mathematics Day, let’s reflect on the top skills that learning and perfecting Mathematics can provide to an individual.

1. Better approximation ability
Everyday people estimate and approximate something, whether it’s the total cost of the shopping they do, or how much effort it would take them to do a specific task. And in all these cases, some people rely on guesswork.

But this would never be the case if they already have an idea as to how to estimate length, time, weight, and quantity. That is how humans in their very primitive forms (our ancestors) progressed.

2. Critical and logical thinking
Just a whiff of Mathematics awakens a primal instinct in a human being, curiosity. It inspires one to ask more questions and lights the flame of curiosity within the person.
When mathematics dawns on a person, he/she tends to look and research the reason for something to occur and confirm if that concurs with their own set of mathematical principles or not.

3. Respect for time
Mathematics tends an individual to look at each resource as a variable. Such variables are then looked upon and united using an equation, of which these variables are a part.

This kind of setting ironically resembles the machinery of a clock. Similarly, such a person looks upon time as an intricate resource. Gaining a fondness for mathematics inspires time management taking into account every second passing by.

4. Problem solving
In Mathematics, all problems have a solution (except for six problems still unsolved). Mathematics inspires the same outlook in all other spheres of life as well.

An individual with a mathematical way of thinking, analysis each problem (even the personal ones) with the temperament of a scientist, that is, staying patient and focusing on solving the problem.

5. Efficiency
A Mathematically sound person is an expert strategist. Knowing which resource should be used when and where, and which ones should be saved for later; is a skill that has been the key to not only humanity’s success but also its survival.

A person with such a skill can perform a specific task with the least effort and resources.

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