NEET 2020: Over 15 lakh to appear, here are some last day tips on how to appear for exam

NEET 2020: Over 15 lakh to appear, here are some last day tips on how to appear for exam

With just a day left for the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET), scheduled to be conducted on September 13, students must be busy with their last-minute tips. As the exam is being held amid the pandemic, candidates need practice not just their academics but also practice writing with gloves and mask on. Here are some tips for around 16 lakh NEET aspirants on how to give their best during the exam.

Revise and stay positive: Students had more time than usual to prepare this year. In case there is any doubt or negative thought crosses students minds they should replace it with positive thoughts immediately. Being anxious or nervous is only going to help them. Students should focus only on revising what they already know. A glance at the NCERT textbooks, graphs, diagrams, etc. and study notes should suffice. They should abstain from delving deep into the textbooks or getting into too much theory. The focus should be ongoing through already solved mock tests, analysing the mistakes, and improving on weak areas.

Replicate a real exam scenario: While practicing for the exam at home, students should try replicating a real exam scenario as it can greatly help in addressing their exam-related anxieties. They should find an isolated space and time themselves and try to solve a mock test paper. While doing so, students should wear masks and gloves as well. This will help their biological clock to get accustomed to that of the exam. Wearing a face mask and gloves and keeping a hand sanitiser at the table will help in replicating the exam scenario.

Before starting the real exam: NEET is a race against time but students also need to focus very critically on the OMR sheet. Students should first fill in their credentials carefully and correctly. They should not hurry and be patient while encircling the bubbles. The bubbles should not be over darkened that it may tear off the sheet nor should they be so light that the machine fails to capture the answer.

During the exam, be selective: Mastering numerical questions is all about practice. While practising, it is important to understand the application of concepts. In case students find it difficult to solve numerical questions in physics, they should focus on strengthening their biology and chemistry. Students should be selective in their approach and focus on topics with maximum weightage. Even if they are strong in physics, starting the exam with biology or chemistry will boost their confidence as they are relatively easy. Questions that are difficult should be dealt with later.

What parents should do: When it is about the future of students, parents are often very concerned. However, they should neither expect a lot from their child nor should they discuss their apprehensions regarding the performance of their child as it will only produce negative energy.


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